Treschow-Fritzøe owns and runs companies in forestry and natural resources, property management and development, the stone industry, building materials distribution and software development.


Fritzøe Eiendom

The historical Fritzøe works are being filled with new, creative businesses.


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Fritzøe Skoger

As one of Norway’s largest forestry properties, Fritzøe Skoger is a prime arena for business activity, biodiversity and recreation.


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Fritzøe Engros

A solid company in steady growth


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Larvikite is the Norwegian national stone, and Lundhs’ exclusive global export product.


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DLH are among the biggest, oldest and most experienced suppliers in their market in Scandinavia. 


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CEOS AB’s head office is in Forserum, Sweden. The company is largely geared towards the Swedish industrial market.


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ljungberg fritzoe

Ljungberg Fritzøe

Ljungberg Fritzøe delivers cost-effective and customized logistics solutions with a strong focus on the Swedish building materials trade needs.


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Bil i snø

Formula Automobile Norge

Formula imports and sells sports cars and premium SUVs, and supplies service and marketing activities of high quality.


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